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Name :
Human TIGIT/VSIG9/VSTM3/WUCAM Protein, ECD (Extracellular Domain), Fc-fusion, Recombinant

Description :
TIGIT (T cell immunoreceptor with immunoglobulin and ITIM domains), also known as VSTM3 (V-set and transmembrane domain-containing protein 3) and VSIG9 (V-set and immunoglobulin domain-containing protein 9), is a single pass type I transmembrane protein belonging to the CD28 family within the Ig superfamily (IgSF). TIGIT contains a 115 aa extracellular region with a V-type Ig­like (IgV) domain, a transmembrane (TM) domain and a 79 aa cytoplasmic region with an immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motif (ITIM). TIGIT is expressed on NK cells and regulatory, memory, activated T cells including follicular helper T cells within secondary lymphoid organs. TIGIT binds to CD155/PVR/Necl5 with high affinity and CD112/PVRL2/Nectin2 with low affinity. Through CD155 and CD112, TIGIT also interacts with other IgSF members such as CD226/DNAM1 and CD96/Tactile. TIGIT suppresses T cell activation by promoting the generation of mature immunoregulatory dendritic cells (DCs). The binding of PVR to TIGIT on human DCs induces the production of IL-10 and inhibits the production of IL-12. Ligation of TIGIT on T cells down-regulates TCR­mediated activation and T proliferation, while TIGIT ligation on NK cells blocks NK cell cytotoxicity directly through its ITIM. Therefore TIGIT inhibits the NK-mediated killing of tumor cells and protects normal cells from NK-mediated cytotoxicity. Mice deficient in TIGIT show increased T cell responses and susceptibility to autoimmune challenges. Soluble TIGIT is able to compete with CD226 for CD155 binding and attenuate T cell responses.

Gene Symbol :

NCBI Gene ID :

Uniprot Entry :

Construct Details :
The recombinant human TIGIT-Fc fusion is expressed as a 348 amino acid protein consisting of Met22 – Pro141 region of TIGIT (Uniprot Accession #Q495A1) and a C-terminal Fc from human IgG1, which exists as a dimer under non-reducing conditions.

Source :
Human cells stably expressing TIGIT-Fc growing in chemical-defined media with no animal components or antibiotics

Amino Acid Sequence: :
10 20 30 40 50 60 MMTGTIETTG NISAEKGGSI ILQCHLSSTT AQVTQVNWEQ QDQLLAICNA DLGWHISPSF 70 80 90 100 110 120 KDRVAPGPGL GLTLQSLTVN DTGEYFCIYH TYPDGTYTGR IFLEVLESSV AEHGARFQIP 130 140 150 160 170 180 STGTHTCPPC PAPELLGGPS VFLFPPKPKD TLMISRTPEV TCVVVDVSHE DPEVKFNWYV 190 200 210 220 230 240 DGVEVHNAKT KPREEQYNST YRVVSVLTVL HQDWLNGKEY KCKVSNKALP APIEKTISKA 250 260 270 280 290 300 KGQPREPQVY TLPPSREEMT KNQVSLTCLV KGFYPSDIAV EWESNGQPEN NYKTTPPVLD 310 320 330 340 SDGSFFLYSK LTVDKSRWQQ GNVFSCSVMH EALHNHYTQK SLSLSPGK M.W.: Calculated molecular mass (kDa): 38.6; Estimated by SDS-PAGE under reducing condition (kDa): 45-50 Calculated PI: 5.89 Calculated Extinction Coefficient (M-1 cm-1, at 280nm): 52870 Purity: >95% judged by SDS-PAGE under reducing condition (see the gel image above, labeled as DTT “+”) Formulation: Supplied at 0.5 mg/ml in sterile PBS pH7.4 (carrier and preservative free). Endotoxin Level: Biological Activity: Binds to CD155/PVR/Necl5-Fc (SKU#FCL1077 & FCL1077B) with high affinity by ELISA. FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT FOR DIAGNOSTIC OR THERAPEUTIC USE IN HUMAN. Restriction: This product is not transferable or re-sellable. Customer obtain no right to transfer, assign, or sublicense its use rights, or to transfer, resell, package, or otherwise distribute the product, or to use the product for the benefit of any third party or for any commercial purpose. Customer may only use the product in compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws, regulations and rules. Customer may not directly or indirectly use the product or allow the transfer, transmission, export or re-export of all or any part of the product in violation of any export control law or regulation of the united states or any other relevant jurisdiction. Your use of this product constitutes acceptance of the terms of this limited use agreement. Please refer to our “terms & conditions” for details. If you are not willing to accept the limitation of this agreement, G&P Biosciences will accept return of the product for a full/partial refund. Storage The product is shipped at 4°C for immediate use. Upon receipt, centrifuge the product briefly before opening the vial. It is recommended to store small aliquots at the temperature below –20°C for long-term storage and the product is stable for 3 months. The undiluted protein can be stored at 4°C for no more than 2 weeks. Use a manual defrost freezer and avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT FOR DIAGNOSTIC OR THERAPEUTIC USE IN HUMAN. References 1. Eur. J. Immunol. 39:695 (2009). 2. Nat. Immunol. 10:48 (2009). 3. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.106:17858 (2009). 4. J. Immunol. 186:1338 (2011). 5. Eur. J. Immunol. 41:902 (2011). Documentation Product datasheet (pdf) can be downloaded here: FCL2300-PDS.pdf Additional supporting documents, including COA and MSDS are available upon request.

M.W. :
: 5.89

Calculated PI :

Calculated Extinction Coefficients :

Endotoxin Level :
>95% judged by SDS-PAGE under reducing condition (see the gel image above, labeled as DTT “+”)

Formulation :
Supplied at 0.5 mg/ml in sterile PBS pH7.4 (carrier and preservative free).

Endotoxin Level :
<0.1 EU per 1 μg of purified recombinant protein determined by the LAL method

Biological Activity :
Binds to CD155/PVR/Necl5-Fc (SKU#FCL1077 & FCL1077B) with high affinity by ELISA.

Molecule Class :
1-Pass Type I Transmembrane

Gene Synonym :
<0.1 EU per 1 μg of purified recombinant protein determined by the LAL method

Gene Family :

Research Area :

Pathway/Disease :
T Cell Costimulation

Species :

CD Antigen :

References :

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