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Name :
Human CD98 Protein, ECD (Extracellular Domain), Fc-fusion, Recombinant

Description :
CD98, also known as 4F2, MDU1 and SLC3A2, is a single-pass type II transmembrane protein belonging to the SLC3A (solute carrier family 3A) transporter family. CD98 is expressed ubiquitously in all tissues with highest levels detected in kidney, placenta and testis and weakest level in thymus. As a common heavy chain, CD98 is required for the function of light chain amino-acid transporters (LAT) in sodium-independent transport of large neutral amino acids such as phenylalanine, tyrosine, leucine, arginine and tryptophan. The transporter exists as a disulfide-linked heterodimer of CD98 with one of several light chains (SLC7A5, SLC7A6, SLCA7A7, SLC7A8, SLC7A10 or SLCA7A11). CD98 plays an important role in nitric oxide synthesis in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) via transport of L-arginine. CD98 is also involved in the transport of L-DOPA across the blood-brain barrier, and thyroid hormones across the cell membrane in tissues such as placenta. CD98 is located selectively at cell-cell adhesion site. CD98 constitutively and specifically associates with beta-1 integrins, including alpha-2/beta-1, alpha-3/beta-1, alpha-5/beta-1 and alpha-6/beta-1. CD98 may help target LAT1 and LAT2 to the plasma membrane and regulate the transport activity.

Gene Symbol :
CD98; 4F2; SLC3A2; MDU1; 4F2HC; 4T2HC; NACAE; CD98HC

NCBI Gene ID :

Uniprot Entry :

Construct Details :
The recombinant human CD98-Fc is expressed as a 648 amino acid protein consisting of Arg110 – Ala529 region of CD98 (UniProt Accession # P08195 – isoform 2) and a C-terminal Fc fusion from human IgG1, which exists as a dimer under non-reducing condition (see the gel image inserted).

Source :
Human cells stably expressing human CD98-Fc and growing in chemical-defined media with no animal components or antibiotics

Amino Acid Sequence: :

M.W. :
Calculated molecular mass (kDa): 71.8; Estimated by SDS-PAGE under reducing condition (kDa): 80-90

Calculated PI :

Calculated Extinction Coefficients :
(M-1 cm-1, at 280nm): 98695

Endotoxin Level :
>95% judged by SDS-PAGE under reducing condition (see the gel image above, labeled as “DTT: +”)

Formulation :
Supplied at 0.5 mg/ml in sterile PBS pH7.4 (carrier & preservative free).

Endotoxin Level :
<0.1 EU per 1 μg of purified recombinant protein determined by the LAL method

Biological Activity :
Immobilized CD98 protein binds anti-CD98 monoclonal antibody human IgG1 (SKU#MAB0205)with high affinity (KD

Molecule Class :
1-Pass Type II Transmembrane

Gene Synonym :
<0.1 EU per 1 μg of purified recombinant protein determined by the LAL method

Gene Family :
4F2; SLC3A2; MDU1; 4F2HC; 4T2HC; NACAE; CD98HC

Research Area :

Pathway/Disease :
Amino Acid Transport

Species :

CD Antigen :

References :
1. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 84:6526 (1987). 2. Nature 395:288 (1998). 3. J. Biol. Chem. 262:9574 (1987). 4. J Biol Chem. 273: 32437 (1998). 5. EMBO J. 18: 49 (1999).

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